Benefits of Membership in the Duluth Audubon Society (DAS)

Although programs and other sponsored events are free, DAS needs continued financial support for  activities in our non-profit organization:

  •  Monthly speakers on a variety of topics of interest to avian enthusiasts.
  •  Guided spring warbler walks, fall gull watches, an annual sea duck trip, and organized community and educational activities.
  •  Discounts on birding classes
  • Monthly mini-newsletters and a DAS website to keep you updated on DAS and related activities
  • Free local birding map

Membership Plan

Yearly household memberships are $20 but for those joining for the first time:
$20 = If joining in December through May
$10 = If joining in June through November
All memberships expire the last day of the calendar year, December 31 and all renewals = $20
Membership renewal reminders will be sent out in November.

To be a part of Duluth Audubon Society

Please complete the form, then make a payment. Household membership is $20. If you are making a donation only, please indicate that in the bottom section of the form.

To send the form click SEND; then to make your payment use the Donate link below or mail your check to Duluth Audubon Society, P.O. Box 3091, Duluth, MN 55803.  You may also join at the monthly programs.


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If you are using PayPal, please consider adding $1.00 to defray costs.I will mail a check (DAS, P.O. Box 3091, Duluth, MN 55803)

Thank you!