Letter from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership re: HF 1265

Click on the following link to a letter from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, co-signed by the Minnesota Ikes and others that raises concerns about HF 1265 – The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Appropriations Bill. This bill would raid $18 million from the Trust Fund to pay for the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program – a good program, but one that should be funded out of the Bonding bill. HF 1265 would also require no net gain of state lands in counties located north of Hwy 2. This means that if lands were bought for a new state park or state wildlife management area north of Hwy. 2, an equal area of state land would have to be sold. This is a terrible anti-conservation provision. Need contact information for your state legislator go to:  https://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/districtfinder

HF 1265 LCCMR Bill – MEP letter (5-11-17)