Please call the Governor (800-657-3717) and your state legislators and let them know your concerns and your support for their work to protect the environment.
Contact information for your state legislator:


Long awaited employment study shows that sulfide mining in the Boundary Waters watershed would likely reduce employment and stability in the area.

Minnesota Environmental Partnership: Legislative Wrap-Up 2017:  MEP Legislative Wrap-Up 2017
Events and News at Minnesota Environmental Partnership 
May 17, 2017:  The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund  Appropriations Bill:  Letter from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership regarding HF 1265 – May 11, 2017


Act by October 16,2017:
Two more draft permits released from MN DNR for proposed PolyMet Mine – Comments and call to action from Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
Nolan and land sales for PolyMet:    

Call Amy Klobuchar and Senator Franken, let them know you do not approve of them signing on to Nolan’s bill requiring the Forest Service to sell 6650 Acres Superior National Forest Land at bargain basement prices to facilitate Polymet, and cutting off any protective action by the courts.

202 224-3244-Klobuchar    202 224-5641– Franken

Nolan presses PolyMet land exchange in legislation:

Call today regarding “Protect right for PolyMet hearing” – Call to action from the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
Keep Minnesota Green
What’s up with the Boundary Waters:  Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness


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