You can call the Governor 800-657-3717 and your state legislators and let them know your concerns and your support for their work to protect the environment.
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Current Issues and Actions

National Audubon Issues

Audubon’s 2019 Policy Agenda

Causes of Bird Mortality

Every year, free-roaming cats kill an estimated 2.4 billion birds in the U.S.

Tell elected officials in your county and municipality to keep birds safe from  free-roaming cats by passing laws that encourage safe pet ownership.

Friends of the Cloquet Valley State Forest

Issues affecting water quality and resources in this large natural area just north of Duluth.

Marine Pollution

BirdLife International is teaming up with 4Ocean to launch a Seabird charity bracelet.
2018 NOAA Marine Debris Program Accomplishments Report

A chance to voice your opinion if you are knowledgeable:

Protect the National Environmental Policy Act


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